Extreme Road
Platform: iPad,iPhone,iOS
Price: Free

"Extreme Road" 3D game for fans of cars, racing, speed and adrenaline.

At your disposal fleet most powerful and expensive machines and sport cars for extreme driving. Choose a card and PUSH GO!

The controls are simple: just click and the right and left side of the screen. You're the best racer! Overtake other cars and will drive the maximum distance!

Compete with other drivers in the standings leaders of the race!

Bloody Hook
Platform: iPad,iPhone,iOS
Price: Free

He is the embodiment of darkness and fear. He is the most mysterious and ruthless serial killer. He plunged the entire town into the atmosphere of fear and horror.

No one knows who this monster in a mask is and why he is slaughtering people. An unknown merciless maniac who kills victims with a bloody butcher's knife. The town residents blinded by a fog of rumors dubbed him Bloody Hook.

Only you know who Bloody Hook is, because it's you. You have control over people's lives, have a plan of violent murders and know who the next victim is!

Your task is to kill as many as possible and complete bloody missions. Your arsenal includes hooks, knives, shurikens, regular and gas bombs, and grenades. Collect coins and buy new and more powerful weapons.

You have limited time for murders, so if you fail to complete a mission, you will be caught.
It's all in your hands now, and this bloody quest depends on you only!

Lines Millenium
Platform: iPad,iPhone,iOS
Price: Free

"Lines Millenium" is a popular classic puzzle game five in a row and lines 98.
"Lines Millenium" game for smart women who love puzzles and riddles.

You find yourself in a magical world of stunning mysterious amulets. Collect balloons charms in line horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Each line must consist of at least five balls.
The more lines you collect, the more points you get. Dive into the fascinating world of puzzles, set new records and develop intelligence and strategic thinking. Enjoy the game!

Pizza Chef
Platform: iPad,iPhone,iOS
Price: Free

Your dream has come true! You are the owner of the best pizza in town!
Every day in your pizza "Pizza Chef" People come from all over the city, wanting to taste the real Italian pizza from the best cooks! Your diner "Pizza Chef" is famous for the most delicious pizza at the old recipes.

The restaurant "Pizza Chef" buyers can combine all sorts of toppings for pizza: different kinds of meat and sausages, shrimp, different types of cheese and greens, fresh vegetables and chili peppers and various sauces. The menu also has a fragrant croissants with jam, chocolate and nuts for dessert, milk shakes, tea, coffee and lemonade.

You need to have time to serve more visitors.
For earned money you can buy new ingredients and make the menu in the cafe "Pizza Chef" is more tasty and varied.

Eco Burger Chef
Platform: iPad,iPhone,iOS
Price: Free

Congratulations, you are the owner of the most fashionable and popular environmental fast-food cafe.
Crowds of visitors come every day in your cafe "ECO Burger Chef", wanting to try the most delicious and healthy burgers in town.
Your restaurant "Eco Burger Chef" is famous for fast and quality service, as well as the most delicious, natural and wholesome food.

The restaurant menu "ECO Burger Chef" are great burgers and sandwiches made from natural products, juicy sausages, hot fries, great appetizers of cheese and shrimp salad with organic vegetables from the village, as well as muffins and pancakes with jam home berries for dessert.

Your task as quickly as possible to prepare orders visitors from the menu.
For earned money you can not buy new ingredients and make menu in the cafe "ECO Burger Chef" more interesting, tasty and varied.
Then your cafe will become more popular and visited.

Platform: iPad,iPhone,iOS
Price: Free

Wonderful puzzle game for all fans of the Chinese game solitaire-mahjong.
From player requires to have a good memory and observation for a successful playing.

Game features: large number of well-designed levels that can not pass each player.
This game will captivate you for hours.

Platform: iPad,iPhone,iOS
Price: Free

An interesting version of the popular puzzle game in which you will find 36 well-designed levels.
Beautiful graphic design will fully concentrate on the game and dive into the world of fascinating logical problems.

Game Features:
- Hint
- Shuffle
- Highlight
- 4 uniquely designed sets of backgrounds

My Pet Hospital 2
Platform: iPad,iPhone,iOS
Price: Free

A new personal veterinary clinic is dedicated to all pet-fanciers it is a brand new way to help animals.

How to play:
First, just take a pet and find out what its diagnosis is.
Then you should start medication course, and if its appropriate you will see that your patient is cheerful and happy.
Dont forget to watch your time as the condition of your animal patient may get worse.

The game also includes awards for saving the maximum number of animals lives.

Burger Chef
Platform: iPad,iPhone,iOS
Price: Free

You are owner of a small and wonderful fast food cafe.
Every day in the cafe "Burger Chef " visitors come to taste the most delicious and juicy burgers specialties in the city.
The cafe "Burger Chef " is famous for the fast and quality service, and the tastiest food.

Happy Birthday Teddy
Platform: iPad, iOS
Price: Free

In this game you will help the Little Bear out to gather his gifts. Go ahead and find three gifts of the same type – you will get a score bonus for that. The higher your score is the higher your position is in the tournament table.

You compete with the players from all over the world in the real time. The game is very colorful and absorbing.

Dress Up! Happy puppy
Platform: iPad, iOS
Price: Free

A fascinating dress up game Happy Puppies will not leave you cold and give you a lot of splendid moments. You can't help enjoying dressing up cute puppies in gorgeous outfits, hats and bows.
You can select stylish clothes for a boy-puppy, or choose a girl-puppy as the main character and create a trendy look for her.

Dress Up! Cute Bear
Platform: iPad, iOS
Price: Free

For all Teddy bear lovers, here is a great way to spend time: Dress Up Cute Bear.
There are more than 100 things and toys in game.
This game is for girls and kids.